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  1. terrific character!

    josh pincus is crying den 18 april, 2010 klockan 03:29

  2. really nice! It’s so clean and classic … I especially like the way his hand tucks into his vest pocket — sweet!

    Justin Segal den 18 april, 2010 klockan 03:36

  3. i love your illustrations!!!! soft and cool.

    sandclow den 18 april, 2010 klockan 04:54

  4. Excellent work Millis! Love the clean crisp design element and his pose. Perfect!

    jack foster den 18 april, 2010 klockan 05:52

  5. A fantastic illustration. Great lines and shapes.

    elizabeth den 19 april, 2010 klockan 05:43

  6. Wonderful character and attention to detail! His shoes are great and the subtle pattern in his vest is a nice touch.

    Joy Steuerwald den 21 april, 2010 klockan 08:14