Midsummer Night

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This weeks “Illustration Friday”.

On Midsummer night the old Swedish saying is: You go out and pick 7 diffrent flowers and jump over 7 fences and then you put the flowers under your pillow, and you will dream of the one you will marry. Oh, You can not speak, or it won´t work…

My 6-year old tried, she dreamt of a boy she knows… she couldn´t keep quiet though, and we didn´t find 7 fences without trespassing so we skipped that part… Now we have to wait and see if the dream was right.. in 50 years or so… 😉

6 kommentarer än så länge

  1. What a wonderful illo AND story!

    Juli den 28 juni, 2011 klockan 22:47

  2. This is so beautiful! Wonderful colors and mood. I hope that little boy is nice 😉

    Ana Carmichael den 29 juni, 2011 klockan 01:59

  3. Enchanting! Love the story aswel!

    Kerri-Jane Mitchell den 29 juni, 2011 klockan 09:08

  4. This is a great illustration. I will check out your other work!

    Jade Nellans den 30 juni, 2011 klockan 04:33

  5. Very poetic! Can smell the flowers:-)

    Marion den 30 juni, 2011 klockan 11:42

  6. lovely!

    laura den 14 juli, 2011 klockan 14:51